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  • A Career as an Executive Chef

    There are many people with a passion for creating appetizing meals using their culinary craft in the kitchen. But many of them falter when it comes to not only creating these foods, but also doing so under high demands, hot temperatures and for long periods of time. If you are one of the chefs who have stood this test, you may be ready to begin managing your own kitchen. 

  • Executive Chef Salary Range

    Known as one of the most prestigious careers in the kitchen, the head cook in any restaurant is the one who takes on the responsibilities of meal preparation, staffing and all administrative tasks linked to the functions surrounding food preparation. Therefore, there is no doubt that the executive chef salary is one of the highest in the industry, and one of the hardest to earn. 

  • Executive Chef Job Description

    One of the top characteristics of anyone who works in the hectic atmosphere of a bustling restaurant kitchen is a passion for what they do. But beyond that passion and drive, there are many other factors that go into any successful position in a restaurant. This is particularly true of the people who manage the entire operation of the restaurant kitchen, from regular meals to specialty events. The executive chef job description is one that includes multiple aspects of kitchen management and maintenance and that goes far beyond simply preparing food. 

  • How to Become an Executive Chef

    Out of all of the multiple career paths in the culinary world, the head chef’s position is one of the most idealized and respected. This is because of the large number of rewards that go along with managing and maintaining your own kitchen. However, with those rewards come many duties that a person must excel at in order to succeed in this role. Knowing how to become an executive chef is important as you set out on your career path in the culinary world. This will ensure that you are taking the right steps to reach your ultimate goal of managing your own kitchen.

  • What is an Executive Chef?

    An Executive Chef or Chef Manager is in charge of the kitchen - everything that happens in the kitchen of a restaurant is his responsibility. If you want to make a career in the cooking industry, and if you have a knack for taking responsibility, then a career goal of becoming an Executive Chef is just what you are looking for.